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Women-only Ride-hailing: New Data from the Market

More ride-hailing companies are offering women-centred services, but do they get women on the road? The next time you open your favourite ride-hailing app, you may find a surprising feature: the option to choose a woman driver or rider. Safety is a determining factor when women decide how, when, or if to drive and travel. … Continue reading Women-only Ride-hailing: New Data from the Market

Building Inclusive Platforms- A Conversation with Jumia and Lazada

The rapid digital transformation underway in many emerging markets has the potential to have an equally transformative impact for women entrepreneurs. However, critical gaps in access to the internet and mobile phones can limit the ability to work in tech-enabled jobs or to compete as entrepreneurs. This event draws on recent IFC research on the rise … Continue reading Building Inclusive Platforms- A Conversation with Jumia and Lazada

Interview on CNBC Power Lunch

How to accelerate women participation in Africa’s e-commerce industry. Alexa Roscoe sits down with Zinathi Gquma on CNBC Africa’s Power Lunch to discuss the findings of new research that shows how e-commerce can put billions in the hands of women entrepreneurs. To watch the interview visit CNBC Africa.

Women & E-commerce: A $300 Billion Opportunity

E-commerce is thriving in Africa and Southeast Asia. IFC leveraged data Jumia and Lazada, two of the largest e-commerce platforms in Africa and Southeast Asia respectively, and found that this growth could be even higher if we invest in women entrepreneurs on e-commerce platforms. The reports ‘Women and E-commerce in Africa’ and ‘Women and E-commerce … Continue reading Women & E-commerce: A $300 Billion Opportunity

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