Women and innovation: Making the connection

There is growing evidence that greater gender equality leads to increased business innovation, and companies that pay attention stand to reap great rewards.

The business case for gender equality is compelling, and few still doubt that investing in women as employees and entrepreneurs leads to increased productivity and profitability. But one piece of the puzzle is too frequently ignored: the growing evidence that greater gender equality also leads to increased business innovation. Companies that want to up their innovation game should take note.

“Innovation” in this case refers specifically to the creation of new and potentially disruptive ideas, products, or services—distinct from outcomes typically cited as part of the business case, which rest largely on evidence showing how gender equality can help companies do more of the same.

This differentiation is important, because businesses are entering a time when innovation is a prerequisite to survival…

This article was initially published on the Stanford Social Innovation Review.  For the full article, please visit the website. For more of Alexa’s work, read her profile or visit her publications list. 


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